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Studio 3 is the largest pre-lit green screen studio in London. It has drive-in access, a full lighting grid, and comes pre-lit with 11 space lights and eight 2K pre-rigged sky pans, all dimmable and controlled by desk.

Our green screen studio is the perfect space for shoots of all size, offering 24ft high ceiling and pre-lit with 65kw of power. The studio is ideal for chroma key video production and has been used for filming TV commercials, theatre/ TV promos, music videos, web presentations and the live-streaming of entertainment shows and news productions.

Recent clients that have used this space include: Sky, Fox & MGT.

60 ft W × 60 ft L × 24 ft H


Shoot / Prelight / Setup day rate
Overtime per hour until midnight
Overtime per hour after midnight
Weekend surcharge per day

Please note: We operate on a 10 hour working day from 8am to 6pm. Overtime is charged outside these times at the above rates

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  • Pre-lit green screen: 11 × spacelights and 8 × 2K skypans all dimmable and controlled by desk
  • Dimensions: 60ft × 60ft × 24ft
    (18.29m × 18.29m × 7.32m)
  • 3600 square feet
  • L shaped infinity cove
  • Drive in access (15ft high)
  • Lighting grid
  • Overhead shooting from balcony at 16ft
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